You may be wondering, What is the LightBoard, and What can it do for you?

There are endless ways to make use of the LightBoard; one great example is Teaching! Check out this great video below, courtesy of award winning online educator & content creator Mike Justason from McMaster University, for some great insight as to what the LightBoard is, and how it can revolutionize the way you present & generate online content!

Note: The LightBoard presented in this video, while the setup and footprint is similar, does NOT reflect our final Product, and is an early prototype shown for Demonstration Purposes ONLY;

To see a free, full 45min Webinar from Mike demonstrating the uses of the LightBoard, courtesy of McMaster University, you can Check it out here!!

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At LightBoard Depot we give you the tools to easily setup a studio of your own. Enhance your online teaching and presentation experience and work effectively from the comfort of your own home or office, while providing profession quality experiences to your audience!

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